Coral Watches Customization Services

The intricate art of diamond-setting luxury watches epitomises everything we do at Coral and what we’re known for all over the world..


The Art of Diamond-Setting

Since our launch in 2012, our unrivalled collection of custom afterset designs have positioned us as one of the principal players in the global custom watch industry. We also offer clients the opportunity to customise their own timepiece, choosing diamonds and gemstones to suit their individual taste and style.


Custom Watches?

Diamond-set watches are amongst the most expensive in the world, whether they’re completely encrusted in diamonds or equisitely subtle, they are the ultimate status symbol with craftmanship to behold.

Factory set refers to stones, such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and other precious gemstones, that have been applied directly by the technicians of the watch manufacturer, without any third-party involvement.

Custom or afterset watches have had these stones applied outside of the manufacturers, in our case, in-house by our expert diamond setters.


“The perfection and high level of attention to detail that goes into creating our custom-set watches are unquestionably why we are the best in the world at what we do.”

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The Process

It is the extraordinary skill set of our diamond-setters that ensures each stone is placed perfectly, and securely lodged into the finely sculpted precious metal. The precise alignment, orientation, stone regularity as well as intricate finishing of the metalwork creates a sparkling masterpiece.

Under no circumstance would we ever use glue or any similar substance to set stones – every seat is carved carefully into the metal by hand.

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Diamond Quality

We only use certified diamonds, our standard is G colour (clear white) VS/SI 1 in clarity. However it is possible, should the customer require it, to request a higher colour and/or clarity grade of these stones. On most of our stock watches, we use the above-stated colour and clarity as we believe it gives the perfect balance between quality and affordability. We also sell a small collection of higher-value pieces whereby we use VVS clarity diamonds.

Why Choose Custom over Manufacturer?

Custom-set watches offer our customers the ability to create a bespoke piece entirely to their specific style and taste, offering designs that may not be currently offered by the manufacturer. We offer numerous options for customisations, from completely diamond-encrusted watches to more subtle modifications such as adding a diamond/gemstone bezel or setting stones into the dial, bracelet, case, or shoulders.

Is there a huge difference in price between factory-set and custom?

The simple answer, yes. Factory-set diamond watches sell for a huge premium and are among the most expensive watches in the world. Often the manufacturers will require that you have an adequate previous spending history with the brand, and often you need to be on a waiting list to get your hands on a piece. Custom-set watches offer a more affordable solution, without compromising on quality.

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Will the Watch Lose Value?

That depends upon the demographic to whom you are selling. Adding high-quality aftermarket diamonds to your watch, with impeccable setting work can increase the value of your original base watch when selling to an aftermarket buyer who values the aesthetics.

Most people who purchase customised watches have other watches in their collection (the investment pieces and the pieces they wear daily) – but the custom watches are treated like a piece of jewellery – worn to exclusive events, elite parties, or anywhere that you want to make a VIP statement.

It is also important to take into consideration the luxury watch market in general, typically speaking, the retail price of watches has been increasing year on year – therefore a well-taken care of aftermarket watch has every opportunity to sell pre-owned at the top of the market. Of course, there is no way of knowing what will rise in value – so we always say purchase a watch that you love, and want to wear and enjoy the exciting buying experience.

Can you tell the difference between factory-set and custom?

To the naked eye, and untrained professionals it is difficult to see the difference between factory-set and high-quality custom watches. However, under a 10x loupe, it’s clear to see the tangible difference between aftermarket and factory. Rolex, for example only uses IF (internally flawless) in clarity and between D and G colour diamonds.

Customise Your Watch

Perhaps you have a watch in your collection that could use a facelift or you want to create your own customisation with diamond and gemstones of your choice. Visit our customisation page for prices and detailed infromation.

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